Cleaning plants

logo firbi coloriFirbimatic Metal Cleaning Division, belongs to the F.M.B. Group of Bologna, recognised as world leader in the building of industrial and dry-cleaning cleaning equipment, which provides Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division with the synergy of highly professional resources for both designing and manufacturing the systems.

Managed by people with deep experience in the cutting-edge technology surface degreasing system industry, Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division focus on the manufacture of a broad range of industrial systems, designed to meet the needs of manufacturing companies and large-scale distribution networks, that require a perfect standards of cleanliness during the various stages of industrial cycles of their own components, in total compliance with the international standards protecting operators and safeguarding the environment.

Cleaning system range

ReinigungsanlagenFirbimatic Metal Cleaning Division presents very flexible and also totally customised systems. The range SF-V and E-V both with chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbons (range K) features a single large basket holding frame (on request up to 1500x8000xh1500 mm) suitable for diversified productions and large pieces.

The models of the FD and FDK range, with multiple basket are ideal for high output requirements. According with the selected model ROTATING, SWINGING or STATIC BASKET options are available.

Further possibility of high-pressure spray washing, immersion with hot and cold wash (partial or total) and ultrasonics. Spray rinsing, soaking and solvent vapour phase. Ultra filtration in rinsing stage up to 5 micron. Vacuum or air recirculation drying. Optional further stage of component preservation with special additives for long storage of the components.

Special systems for pipe cleaning

Since several years, Firbimatic has launched a new range of special equipment, aimed to the cleaning and drying of pipes and metal profiles, in a closed circuit operation.

These special systems can work on 3 shifts for more than 340 days/year and allow the respect of the highest cleaning requirements (e.g. the parameters set by EN 723: < 0,2 mg/dm2), both with the usage of perchloroethylene and of modified alcohols.

The diagram of the cycle - of typical duration around 30 minutes - follows in principle that of the standard machines with vacuum drying, being also more flexible thanks to the modular construction, which allows a set-up capable to fit the most different layouts of factories of customers, thus integrating our equipment on the existing production lines.

Customer service centre and technical-environmental support

Along with ongoing research and development of new models, without ever losing sight of efficiency and environment protection, system life, ease of use, labour and top-quality end result requirements, we have placed at the disposal of our potential customers the following services:

  • specialised technical centre with various types of solvent and aqueous metal cleaning systems permanently available for comparative tests
  • expert professional technicians, ready to suggest and perform washing and cleaning tests on the components sent by customers for preliminary testing. Indication of best possible cycle in accordance with the required technology with the least possible economic and energy impact (re-circulating air, vacuum and ultrasonic systems)
  • Indication as to the best choice of baskets (above all according to the possibility and handling level of the components during the washing and drying stages)
  • Integration of the Firbimatic metal-cleaning plant with basket conveyor systems already installed in the factory
  • Training courses on how to operate and service the systems
  • Precise indication of periodical stability and pH testing of solvents used
  • Complementary information on the applicable Regulations such as VOC European Directives concerning atmospheric emissions, waste disposal, management of water resources, noise emissions, industrial hygiene, safety sheet and labelling


Cleaning technologies with solvent systems


The hermetically sealed industrial cleaning process with solvent represents the ideal technology for applications here the aim is to achieve the highest possible treatment quality together with inexpensive operation and epeatability of results. Firbimatic systems are available in standard and special versions, operating with chlorinated solvents (perchloroethylene, methylene chloride and trichloroethylene), aliphatic hydrocarbons and modified alcohols.
Main advantages of our systems are:

  • Negligible emissions into the environment (far below the limits of VOC Directives)
  • Over 95 % solvent savings compared with superseded open-tank systems
  • Exceptional cleaning and drying results (possible application in medical, aerospace, electronic and precision industries)
  • Total removal of all types of pollutants (oils, greases, swarf, waxes, foundry sands, etc.)
  • Washing with clean and distilled solvent at every cycle (constantly high cleaning standards)
  • Drying phase in clean and sealed environment


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